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Real Estate Law


Real Estate law regulates the purchase, inheritance, and use of land and the buildings on it. It consists of issues regarding property ownership, renting/leasing qualifications, estate taxes, condominium and time-sharing liability, vacation rentals, home insurance, etc.

Representative Matters

  • Assisted many clients with commercial lease negotiations and drafting, shared space, and sublease negotiation for retail and office spaces.

  • Advised and assisted with the acquisition of property, using a 1031 exchange, to be held in a holding company.

  • Advised client about PPM as it related to a real estate development fund and project and co-counseled with securities counsel.

  • General counsel services for design-build company, building LEED certified modular homes, dealing with new construction and design contracts.

  • Drafted and negotiated home design client contract for several interior designers’ and architects’ professional services companies.

  • Reviewed and revised general contractor’s remodeling agreement.

  • Advised clients about differences between subleases, permitted use agreements, and shared space agreements, including pros and cons, and how to determine the best for their particular situation.

  • Advised client about dealing with water damage problems and dealing with landlord, HOA, neighbors, and insurance companies.

  • Responding to and drafting demand letters concerning payment issues on real estate matters.

  • Advised clients about commercial lease and loan applications.

  • Reviewed and negotiated listing agreements.

  • Contacting Department of Building and Safety on behalf of tenant client to report and handle unsafe and hazardous conditions at site, along with handling matter with landlord and inspectors.

  • Represented client in mortgage transfer from one entity to another entity.

  • Represented client in partial ownership of residence and prepared real property equity recognition agreement, along with grant deed.

  • Represented client in separating from real estate business partner by having departing partner transfer interest in properties to client.

  • Represented client in simplifying real estate purchases by NOT setting up QOF and QOZB real estate, and transferring ownership when a partner departed.

  • Represented Landlord of commercial residential property business in resolving a dispute with tenant.

  • Represented tenants in commercial disputes with landlords over water damage, elevator issues, thefts, parking, etc.

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