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Kathy Polishuk
Entertainment Attorney at Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP – Film/Television/New Media
Los Angeles, CA

Suzanne is an amazing connector, a great resource and friend. Suzanne and I had a class together at USC and have maintained our friendship ever since. She has helped me expand my own network and is always thinking of ways to connect people. Suzanne applies this resourcefulness to each project she handles and is consistently motivated to achieve successful results. I would recommend Suzanne to anyone wanting to expand their business and for any work that requires dedication, organization, planning, problem-solving and creativity.”


Rose Pugliese
Miami, FL and Santa Monica, CA

Suzanne is the best startup and the best business lawyer in Los Angeles! When I was looking for a California small business attorney, I had already spoken to Suzanne as she is a good friend of mine, but I decided to also do a Google search to check on her reviews and see if anyone else might be a good fit since it can be risky to work with your friends. Of course, Suzanne’s law firm website was very impressive and so were her LinkedIn reviews. She also had great reviews on other online lawyer review websites, such as LawTake, which she cofounded, and Avvo. I then reached out to some mutual friends, who were also clients of hers, for a reference and everyone agreed that she is a top lawyer on the Westside for business law. I am very pleased with her representation. She has reviewed and helped me negotiate contracts, advocated on my behalf, advised me about policies and regulations, helped me avoid disputes regarding leases and other contracts and informed me of the legal process. Suzanne is a force to be reckoned with when she has represented me on every legal issue. Further, when she handles disputes, she handles it in the most professional, most amiable way possible to get the best outcome possible for me. She has also referred me to other fantastic attorneys who have obtained satisfactory results when I’ve had legal issues outside of her area of expertise. I know I can count on Suzanne for the best healthcare law advice, the best business advice, the best lease advice, the best contract advice, the best dispute avoidance advice and she is the best legal researcher. Suzanne is also extremely resourceful for counsel about personal issues that could erupt into legal disputes. I am very lucky to have Suzanne because she is a good listener and pleasant to work with, on the one hand, but a tough and zealous advocate on the other.”

Jhoiey Ramirez
Principal Designer – Studio Jhoiey, Inc.
West Hollywood, CA

When my business started expanding, I hired Suzanne to help me with contracts. She did it in a way that was very efficient and tried to save me money on my legal bill. I gave her detailed instructions as to what I wanted in the contracts and she incorporated all of my requests, which I very much appreciated. She also reviewed contracts that I already had in place and made improvements. I really appreciated that her estimates of how long it would take to complete tasks were accurate and she kept me informed about her availability. Suzanne was also very personable and taught me a thing or two about Microsoft Word, a character I did not expect from a very accomplished lawyer. I am very content that she has my back on any legal matters I may have.”

Alexis Hay
PRODUCER at Telescope
Santa Monica, CA

Suzanne is one of the best lawyers around. I met Suzanne while attending USC. She has been one of the best contacts to me over the past few years for business legal advice and correspondence. She is extremely articulate, easy to talk to and very efficient. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else because of the relationship I have with Suzanne, she is always available, will always return my calls, texts emails in a timely manner. Suzanne was incredibly instrumental the past year for me in work, closing out a large severance contract, suzanne saved me not just on a few smaller items, but everything down to where I would have been picking up thousands in taxes for all severances. She also gave me a reduced hourly rate and reduced retainer. I just could never express how much her time was worth in the end. Whether your case is her specialty or not, Suzanne is extremely bright and will work hard for you. Whatever your case, it likely will cost you more in the end than upfront if you use a resource like Suzanne.

The next time that I am in a bind, before I sign, I will call Suzanne!”

Drew Rob
Entrepreneur and Chef
Beverly Hills, CA

I am very thankful for Suzanne for not only being the best Beverly Hills attorney, but also for creating a very helpful, useful and enjoy video on to help me with the business formation of company. Suzanne not only has the creative mind to conceive Lawtake, but also well equipped to scale the company on a national level and run it efficiently. These are great skills to have, and I recommend any start-up company or entrepreneur to take a look at Lawtakes videos and guidance to successfully build their company. Suzanne kept my best interest in mind, and saved me thousands of dollars in legal fees by advising me about creating one entity and securing many DBA’s opposed to setting up multiple LLC’s. She also helped me secure a trademark in record speed. I am honored to have Suzanne as my lawyer.”

Wendy Pfau
Attorney at Health Advocates, LLC
Los Angeles, CA

Throughout the years I have known her, Suzanne has demonstrated outstanding abilities and strength of character in both her personal and professional life. She dedicates herself completely to every task she undertakes, and has a unique talent for pursuing creative solutions. Suzanne is particularly passionate when it comes to matters involving social injustice, and works to ensure others are attuned to these issues. Finally, her strength and resilience make her an ideal advocate for the legal interests of companies and individuals”

John Weatherspoon Ph.D.
Patent Attorney, Director of Intellectual Property
Los Angeles, CA

Suzanne is an expert in Corporate Transactions and is a very sophisticated and talented lawyer and businesswoman! I highly recommend Suzanne to all my colleagues! As Founder of LawTake, Suzanne has the vision and all the great leadership experience necessary to make LawTake an incredible success. Suzanne is amazing at building and running a company, and she knows how to operate a business very efficiently and effectively. In addition to being a highly talented lawyer in many different areas, including corporate, entertainment, healthcare law, intellectual property and many other areas of law, Suzanne is also a very savvy and gifted entrepreneur and businesswoman. She has exceptional networking and communications skills, and LawTake is destined for great success under Suzanne’s leadership.”

David Starr

Producer, Musician, Entrepreneur

Beverly Hills, CA

We at P.I.M. was searching for a Lawyer with Entertainment Law and E-commerce for my Start -up Corporation P.I.M. Inc. A mutual friend recommended Suzanne as some one I should meet and retain. When I met with her I found her to be very smart and have a vast understanding about Entertainment laws, she has a great business mind. She lowered her Retainer fees for the corporation, and she was Generous with her time and we had several meetings off the clock that we really needed and she was there for us. I like he way she is Fair with her Billing and she still looks out for your Corporation. I highly Recommend her an her staff, to help anyone to assist solving problems that may arise.”

Bret Ackerman
CEO, CIO at Anato Investment Group, LLC
Santa Monica, CA

Suzanne is a fantastic lawyer and has become a great friend of mine! I started an alternative investment fund and was moving to Los Angeles from New York. I got a referral from a coworker of mine who worked with Suzanne when she was in college and knew she had a strong work ethic. I immediately could tell when she returned emails and calls well before 9am pacific and she told me she kept east coast and west coast hours and had clients across the country. I engaged her to help me negotiate a contract and advise me on California law. That contract was successful and now that I am in Los Angeles, she has helped me avoid litigation and achieve desirable results with rogue vendors by advising me on correspondence and drafting communications. She also has made several helpful introductions to people in my industry. I highly recommend her as personable and professional.”

Aaron Tabor, MD
President at Gene Facelift LLC
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I hired Suzanne to draft a contract. She swiftly completed it and incorporated all of my requests, but also advised me when certain clauses might become an issue, so I decided to use her suggested clauses instead. Initially the other party refused to communicate about the contract until I got Suzanne involved to negotiate it. She successfully got the contract signed after working with the other party’s lawyer for about a month to get me the best possible outcome. Suzanne’s “preventive legal” method, similar to my preventive medicine approach to avoid the exacerbation of health problems, helped me to avoid having to deal with costly and time consuming litigation. She was firm with the other party regarding their delays, while also knowing when to involve me to help facilitate an agreement. I highly recommend her since this is the second time that she has helped me with a contract negotiation and I have been impressed with the results.”

Sarmela Sunder
Facial Plastic Surgeon at Persky Sunder Plastic Surgery
Encino, CA

I met Suzanne at a National Association of Women Business Owners event when I had my own medical practice and she was a director of a company and had just joined a healthcare law firm. I contacted her when I joined another practice and needed some help with negotiating a contract. She promptly put in a lot of work in going through the contract and making suggested changes for me to negotiate. I was very pleased with the outcome. I also appreciated her help in finding a friend of mine a litigator. She is very well connected in the legal industry and was able to give several names for my friend.”

Wendy Freedman
Legal Counsel at Magento Commerce
Culver City, CA

As an attorney, I know the best qualities to look for in another attorney -someone who is personable to work with, but tough when it comes to getting the job done in the most efficient and effective manner. Suzanne Natbony has a lot of experience as a “corporate insider” because she has worked in the legal departments of two companies. She was able to advise me on my practice, from how to increase my efficiency and raise my billable hour rate to how to handle a difficult client. Accordingly, her advice added value to my practice because I was able to bill higher and increase my efficiencies. She always aims to make things easier for her clients, such as reducing the amount of time and effort that her clients need to devote to a particular business transaction or ensuring their operations are in compliance with the law. I can confidently recommend Suzanne to anyone who is anxious about a transaction because she’s one of the best at diffusing discomfort and coaching her clients on how to safely, legally and confidently proceed.”

Katherine Neville
Chief Nerd at Conceptual Revolution
Los Angeles, CA

I met Suzanne and was very impressed with her professionalism and wisdom. She’s an excellent communicator and very knowledgeable about diverse areas. When I needed an attorney to review my technology company’s operating and membership interest agreements and advise me on the legal risks and benefits, I called her. She was prompt at responding within 24 hours and immediately handling my matter and even advised me after normal business hours. Her legal advice saved me money because she pointed out taxation issues that I might not have noticed, while suggesting that I also speak with my accountant or tax attorney, because she knows her limitations. She also counseled me about how I could negotiate terms of the agreement, which I successfully implemented, and accordingly, am happier with the final agreement that was reached between myself and the other members. I highly recommend her services if you are looking for good value because her fees are very reasonable and it was money worth spending.”

Tina Simmons
Los Angeles, CA

I was given an offer for new employment as a way to sabotage my current employer. Upon leaving my employer, the job was immediately taken from me and I felt like the company was fraudulent. I contacted Suzanne for help since she’s got a lot of business law experience. She helped guide me through the entire lawsuit process. She brought in an employment lawyer specialist to work with on the case. I was so happy with the outcome. I highly recommend contacting Suzanne so that she can help you figure out whether you might be able to make some money off of some injustice from an employer or former employer that tries to steal your livelihood and mess with your profession! Go get ’em!

Los Angeles, CA

Suzanne is my business lawyer, but when I had a personal issue, I contacted her when I broke up with boyfriend after catching him cheating and we had a mess of issues to resolve. We had acquired two properties together, a condo and a house and I had to sell one of them, have his name removed from the title of the other one and issue to him what I thought was fair. The property was selling for around a million dollars, but I just wanted to give him what he put into it as he had not only been unfaithful, but he had also caused me other damages and grief. I spoke to Suzanne about my case and she advised me about my options and estimated costs. She suggested that I had viable claims for negligence, concealment/misrepresentation, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, domestic violence and possibly others. At first, I was too scared to meet with him and I wanted Suzanne to deal with him. Suzanne advised me of her professional regulations impacting her ability to meet with my ex and have him sign something binding without him being represented by a lawyer or having the opportunity to contact one. Fortunately, after some time passed and I was healed, I felt like I would be able to meet with him myself. I wanted the path of least resistance, so she suggested using this Mutual Release form on her LawTake website and having her review it. I downloaded it and then after asking a few questions, I was able to fill it out. He accepted my proposal and we settled smoothly. What could have cost thousands in legal fees and a legal battle, was resolved in a short meeting and only several hours of counsel with Suzanne. I think that this is an unusual situation because my ex was actually being reasonable, I am pretty tough and Suzanne, unlike a lot of other lawyers, always has her client’s best interests at heart, rather than running up legal bills, like other lawyers. Suzanne also has specialized experience with dealing with breakup dispute resolution. I am so happy that he signed and I am free from him. I can’t thank Suzanne enough!

Jhoiey Ramirez
Principal Designer – Studio Jhoiey, Inc.
West Hollywood, CA

When my business started expanding, I hired Suzanne to help me with contracts. She did it in a way that was very efficient and tried to save me money on my legal bill. I gave her detailed instructions as to what I wanted in the contracts and she incorporated all of my requests, which I very much appreciated. She also reviewed contracts that I already had in place and made improvements. I really appreciated that her estimates of how long it would take to complete tasks were accurate and she kept me informed about her availability. Suzanne was also very personable and taught me a thing or two about Microsoft Word, a character I did not expect from a very accomplished lawyer. I am very content that she has my back on any legal matters I may have.”

Brad Lee
Marketing CEO
Los Angeles, CA

I recommend Suzanne Natbony as an excellent litigator and business transactional attorney. She is the best with trademark advice, letters, releases, confirmatory emails, counterarguments, conciliatory text messages, proof of claims, advanced healthcare directives and cease and desists. Basically, Suzanne advised on various forms of communication that helped to facilitate an amicable resolution. I love that Suzanne is the founder of LawTake because she really goes the extra mile to provide discounted or complimentary documents, making legal services more cost-effective. She also directed me to several other useful contracts on her site. She advises on how to bring businesses to fruition and how to acquire properties in an LLC and how to structure the deal. She also assists with finding contingency fee lawyers, both in California and Hawaii, and helps with negotiating their fee agreements. She is so great – she even works while on vacation, on weekends and outside of normal business hours. She has helped me so much and I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend her as a versatile attorney, who picks things up quickly, works efficiently, is tough to opposing counsel, but pleasant to work with!

Los Angeles, CA

I had a dispute with a landlord that I was unable to resolve on my own, even after extensive back and forth communications with several of the property managers. I knew my next step was to send them a demand letter and I wanted an attorney to send it because they did not seem to be taking the issues seriously. I was afraid that I would spend more money on an attorney than I would ever be able to get back from the landlord until a friend of mine (an attorney who was very familiar with the issues I was having) recommended I look up LawTake and Suzanne Natbony. I got the LawTake Demand Letter, followed the instructions on how to fill it out, and retained Ms. Natbony to polish it off and send it under her law firm letterhead. The Demand Letter was straightforward to fill out and Ms. Natbony spent under an hour on it, making my legal costs to resolve the problem very inexpensive. I would recommend her and LawTake, hands down, to anyone faced with this kind of situation. I am so grateful for the recommendation to look into this – after all of the issues I had with the landlord, it was a huge relief to have this part of the process go so smoothly!

Anne R.

I was involved in a lawsuit over an interpretation of a document in which I stood to lose over a million dollars. I needed to find a California lawyer to resolve the dispute. I searched online for the best lawyer in Los Angeles and found Suzanne Natbony. I left her an urgent message with her assistant about an upcoming hearing, which was only a week away. Ms. Natbony got back to me within 24 hours and I felt comfortable and relieved that she promised to do what she could to find a litigator or appear herself. Fortunately, she found an expert litigator and the two of them got our trial continued. I am pleased to say that less than 2 months after retaining Suzanne, we settled the case to our satisfaction. Suzanne also had clever ideas to make us feel more comfortable about the entire lawsuit process, such as being able to appear at the mediation via Skype since travel is difficult and we don’t live in California. We were also pleased that her and the litigator gave us a 50% discount on our legal bill during the mediation since we had to pay 3 lawyers and the mediator to be there. Thus, she brought great value to the case and we are so happy that it’s all over!

Medical Spa Client
Los Angeles, CA

My company was looking for a new healthcare lawyer with reasonable rates and found Suzanne Natbony after she wrote an article and we realized that we had several mutual friends. We hired Suzanne to assist with some contracts and resolve a bogus dispute over advertising that placed us under the auspices of arbitration in NY. I wish we had Suzanne review our initial contract before entering into it. Suzanne was able to draft the contracts and resolve the dispute within her initial suggested retainer for both. One of the contracts she drafted cost about half as much as another lawyer had quoted us and he’s not even a healthcare lawyer. She works efficiently and we appreciate that she was able to get several concessions in the resolution despite being told several times that it was the final offer. She’s even helping us terminate another contract, saving us thousands of dollars. It’s nice to also have a lawyer who is our client as well, who also appreciates our services. She is an indispensable ally to any medical spa and we highly recommend her.

Alex Young
San Francisco, CA

I had a novel idea for a company, but I wanted to make sure that I could legally do what I wanted to do. Suzanne drafted a really useful memo for me explaining the current laws impacting my business idea, what the competitors are doing and what the future might bring as to possible changes in the law. I really liked the legal recommendation section. She also formed my company, which is in the digital media advertising space. She delivered on her promises by keeping the memo within my budget and completing it in a timely manner. I really appreciated that she was both thoughtful and considerate about our budget for legal and gave me tips on how to do things myself and then have her review, so we are going to take the first stab at drafting our service agreement and then have her review. She offers very innovative lawyering for the startup community.

Holly K.
Savannah, Georgia

Suzanne is one of the most knowledgeable and responsive attorneys I have ever dealt with in the entertainment industry. She helped me option a screenplay from a writer and protected me in ways that I hadn’t considered. I am extremely fortunate that our paths crossed as she has her own video production business and needed my help with video editing. She also handles challenges like no other as she had some issues come up with her computer, which she handled swiftly and successfully. I appreciated that she was thoughtful enough to discuss my options with completing it while her computer was being repaired and timely completed it despite the stress this must have caused her. I was able to get the deal done with her counsel. She is great!

Los Angeles, CA

After 20 years in the corporate world, I was excited about starting my own business. Suzanne was the first lawyer that I called because she’s a good friend and, I had heard, a fantastic lawyer. My business partner wanted to go with a Nevada lawyer because we were going to have our principle place of business there. Suzanne wasn’t offended and still stood by on the sidelines giving me business advice as a friend. When the business wasn’t working out like we had initially planned and I needed a lawyer to help me deal with the mess of unwinding the business, Suzanne helped me draft a specialized dissolution agreement for my unique situation and advised me what to do in sticky situations with the landlord, cofounders and other vendors. Within two months, the dissolution agreement was signed, the company was dissolved and now I am moving onto greener pastures. I can’t thank Suzanne enough.

Los Angeles, CA

I was part of a class of people who were discriminated against at a local resort. One of my friends is friends with Suzanne and highly recommend that Suzanne represent us because she is so persuasive. Suzanne drafted a complaint to the management. The letter was so strong and impressive. She articulated the issues much better than all of us had and thought of, and some are lawyers. She conceptualized theories and reasons for compensating us for the horrible treatment and then had to deal with hostile management being difficult and nasty. She really fought for us to make the management make it right.

Los Angeles, CA

I am a healthcare provider and I had a terrible situation with my work. I had Legalzoom review my contract with my employer. Their review showed violations of anti-kickback statutes and they gave me the impression that I could successfully sue my employer for hundreds of thousands of dollars for overpayment. I then started to look for a healthcare lawyer to assist me with the lawsuit. I got referred by a mutual friend of Suzanne’s. Suzanne knew the issues right off the bat, but said she normally is the one creating these contracts in compliance for the employer or entity and does not typically represent former employees or independent contractors in disputes. She said that this was one of the few success stories she had heard from people utilizing Legalzoom. She looked into the issue from a healthcare perspective and determined that the overpayments I had made would not necessarily go back to the employer, rather they could go to the patients. She then had my possible case reviewed by several contingency fee lawyers to see if they would take it, but they declined. Legalzoom had actually been blowing smoke when no issue or real plausible claim existed for me to pursue successfully and be worth the aggravation and expense. Suzanne also ran the issue by whistleblower lawyers, but they also declined to take the case. I felt like the modest fees that I paid Suzanne to answer dozens of questions and thoroughly vet my case and try to get me the best possible representation for my budget was totally worthwhile. She stood by my side and said that she would write a “demand” or “letter of complaint” if I still felt like I had been harmed or taken advantage of. I decided not to pursue the matter and she promptly refunded the rest of the retainer that she did not use. I did not know her prior to this experience, but I felt like she had my back and used excellent judgment and discretion when discussing the matter with me and other lawyers. If you want a trustworthy lawyer, hire Suzanne.

Josh G.
Los Angeles, CA

Suzanne is one of the best lawyers that I have ever worked with. I am a C-suite executive of a small business and Suzanne is our business lawyer. She is very dedicated and diligent, but also completes things in record speed. She has creative ideas that help manage the work flow of the company that has been very useful in reducing legal fees. She formed our company, introduced us to potential investors that provided funding for our business, drafted or polished almost all of the legal documents that we have in place and language for our website, but is also is resourceful in finding legal forms, rather than starting from scratch. We are very lucky to have her counsel because she also helped us avoid several costly disputes. She knows how to deal with people effectively to get the company in legal compliance, but also maximize opportunity for growth, rather than stunting it with a crushing legal bill. I recommend her and her legal team.

Los Angeles, CA

I can’t thank Suzanne enough for helping me after being sued, by one of the largest retailers in the nation, for almost $100,000, for something I didn’t even do! I was considering having to file bankruptcy! Thankfully, Super Suzanne to the rescue, only $8000 in legal fees and a few months later, Suzanne got the greedy plaintiff down to a settlement for less than what I paid Suzanne legal expenses! She is the best! She reduced her rate after legal fees exceeded a certain amount because she wanted to help me, given my financial condition, and she also did some flat fee work. As a healthcare professional who had contracted with the greedy retailer, I wish I had Suzanne from the beginning to review that contract – I might never had been sued in the first place. Thanks so much Suzanne for your help!

Jennifer N.
Paris, France and Vail, Colorado

I own/run two hotels, in the US and in France. I needed help with contracts with employees and how to deal with hiring and firing legal issues. I also wanted help with negotiating insurance contracts. Suzanne was very thorough, but she did such a fast job. I was glad that I went with her since she runs her own business. She also helped secure counsel in France for the international law legal issues – she is so well connected. I highly recommend her as a caring and competent attorney. She also dealt with an employee that caused a smooth transition, thank goodness, rather than creating or instigating a lawsuit, like other lawyers are known for. She was very affordable and the investment in legal has paid off in so many ways, not just monetarily. Why sacrifice my health in dealing with hostile people, when I can sick Suzanne on them? I recommend you look no further!

Melissa C.
Los Angeles, CA

I have a small business and Suzanne is my business lawyer. I had an independent contractor leave and make nasty threats to me. I had been paying her well for several years and was very flexible with her, but this woman wanted more money and had made mistakes with calculations on her time sheets wanting money she felt she was owed. Suzanne counseled me about legally what my position was and what my options were. I was able to make this pest go away after much contention with Suzanne’s intervention and assistance. I was told that this could have been a hugely expensive lawsuit. Suzanne was able to get her to sign a release of claims to avoid any future dispute. For entrepreneurs who don’t have a budget for employees, Suzanne can teach you how to hire independent contractors and avoid disputes. I recommend her as someone able to help me stay calm in a stressful situation and persuasive enough to deal with someone who is making threats to report you to the IRS!

Andre G.
Redondo Beach, CA

Suzanne helped me with a startup investment gone bad. I recommend Suzanne for not only being a great person to work with, very calming when I was stressed over what had happened to my investment, being affordable and also offering me some free attorney time after retaining her, letting me take care of mailing letters to save me money and being available to talk on evenings and weekends when I wasn’t working! What happened was, I invested $70K into a startup with my friend. For months, I wanted to know what was going on with my money and felt like I was getting the runaround, so I contacted Suzanne because she seemed like a prominent lawyer in the community who was affordable. We connected right away and she said that I could wait until the loan date passed and then send a notice of default since it was less than a month away and I should just try to hang tight. I waited to no avail and then had Suzanne deal with my “frienemy”. Within just a few months, Suzanne formulated an agreement with him to begin making payments and to bind him to something better than what we had signed. She is thoughtful and strategic and always had my best interest. Now, if my “frienemy” defaults, we have a proper document in place that I can easily sue over because the one we did ourselves was ambiguous and poorly drafted.


Suzanne was recommended to us as a lawyer who had studied law in Australia, where my company’s headquarters are located. She went above and beyond the call of duty by offering us a flat fee to draft a letter. I helped her write it, which was great because she said that it helped lower our legal fees. As a business owner, I stay very organized, so I was able to assist. One letter from us and the company that had already ripped us off and was attempting to extract more money from us, gave up. She then looked for contingency lawyers to take our case and give us insight about our options. She was so great that we contacted her again about another dispute. I highly recommend her as a swift and aggressive attorney who gets the job done effectively. She was even traveling overseas when I initially reached out and kept us updated with where she was with everything. I will definitely reach out again if I need U.S. legal services in the future since my company is located mostly in Australia.

Los Angeles, California

Thank you, Suzanne, who went to the same high school as me! I run a multimillion dollar marketing and advertising, lead generation and website design and development company and the last thing that I need is distractions from running my business. I hired Suzanne when I got some suspicious demands from an attorney. I was about to get weaseled into signing and paying, when Suzanne came to the rescue. She worked out a more fair settlement that obviously better protected me and saved me money. After that situation, a former business was under investigation and she rallied a legal team that helped resolve the predicament that I was in. Most recently, she even magically made a bogus demand for six figures disappear with a swift but firm response. I like that she is strong willed and doesn’t back down from those who try to plot against me, but when I want her to do something different, she listens and carries out my plans. Several of the lawyers involved in some of these matters were also impressed with her work. We achieved some great results together and I highly recommend her!

Dubai, UAE

For startup film companies, Suzanne is great. We are not located in the US and wanted to invest in films. Suzanne helped us choose the name, utilizing trademark availability, formed our LLC, connected us with immigration lawyers, provided us with banking information and resources and setup our tax ID, which was complicated because we are not US citizens. She provided us complimentary in-person consultations when we were able to travel to LA and allowed us to use her office address for mail until we located an office. She was always prompt at responding to us, but didn’t bother us too much either and took care of a lot of things by herself, which we appreciated. She also drafted the operating agreement and incorporated provisions that we needed. We recommend her as an entertainment lawyer and will use her when we need more contracts in the future. We appreciated the reasonable rates that she provided to us.

Los Angeles, CA

We chose Suzanne to be our legal advisor because she is the perfect combo for a lawyer – caring and intelligent – plus she offers a lot of free and low cost legal information through her own startup, LawTake. She helped us understand what legal issues that we might need assistance with by providing us free information about a startup’s legal needs. Once we retained her, we felt that she provided value by helping us apply for a trademark, providing valuable connections and discussed her own experience with applying for patents through other companies that she works with to help us with our intellectual property needs. She is great to work with!

Dr. Daniel Barrett
Beverly Hills, CA

Suzanne is an excellent attorney that has helped me and my plastic surgery practice tremendously! Specifically she has helped me with labor laws as my practice continues to grow. She has been extremely responsive anytime I’ve had questions with the projects we have been working on even when she was supposed to be on vacation. True dedication to her clients and clearly passionate about her work. I highly recommend her!


I just contacted Suzanne over some very hurtful medical treatment I received. She spent a good deal of time listening to my concerns. She was open, sympathetic, understanding and willing to work with me. I will definitely use her services.

Los Angeles, CA

Suzanne and I had a telephone conversation about reviewing a partnership contract for a medical practice. She was responsive, professional and pleasant. I plan on using her services.

Los Angeles, CA

Wow when it comes to labor laws and referrals Suzanne was so helpful for me and my case. I strongly recommend her to anyone. She was extremely thorough and easy to get a hold of and very honest and her dealings with me. I found her to be very reasonable and empathetic to my case.

Burbank, California

Suzanne created the perfect joint venture agreement, in record speed, even working on Thanksgiving! I am most thankful for the flat fee that she charged because I know she spent above and beyond the amount she charged if she were billing hourly. I also really appreciated her willingness to meet and discuss after hours in order to carefully articulate the deal. We just needed a contract to evidence a collaboration on a documentary, TV show and feature film. She advised us that we should form an LLC, which will. For those in the entertainment industry, I recommend Suzanne as a great attorney.

Allison S.
Santa Monica, California

Ms. Natbony provided exceptional legal service for me personally and for our group. She is responsive, resourceful and made me feel hopeful. She is someone you want on your side. If she cannot help you she will refer you to someone who can.

Pebble Beach, California

She picked the phone up on the second ring on 4th of July at 8pm. I was blown away. She held my hand through the whole process of getting an LLC in an expidited fashion. I was able to buy a house before it went on the market to a bid war and owe it all to Suzanne and her dedication. Thank You!

Los Angeles, California

My wife and I hired Suzanne to deal with a business dispute with my business partner. She was able to advise us how to resolve the dispute with the business partner, which we resolved and got out of the business with a good settlement. We are so happy and relieved! Suzanne wrote a very persuasive letter to him and he actually tried to hire her for something else! Obviously she told him, NO, it was a conflict of interest to represent him. She was even helping us while she was overseas and was still very reachable. We also have another lawyer and she coordinated with him to keep our legal costs low, which we really appreciated. We got the matter settled during mediation and we are very happy with her representation and will hire her again the next time we need business legal assistance.

Mark Hottle
Los Angeles, California

I contacted Suzanne Natbony when I believed I needed guidance and protection during a real estate investment dispute. She was concise, ethical, and extremely knowledgeable about my situation and understood its sensitive nature. She recommended a conservative approach during my negotiations that ended with both parties coming to a mutually acceptable conclusion in a very amicable manner. I recommend Suzanne as a trustworthy, honest, kind and caring attorney. She was very affordable and accessible during the entire process.
I was very impressed with her attention, given to my specific circumstances surrounding my claim as well, as her follow up and follow through to resolution. Thank you.

Los Angeles, California

Suzanne was immensely helpful! I am a real estate investor and Suzanne assisted me with a legal letter that I was sending to the City of L.A.’s housing department. She helped me negotiate to protect my rights. She advised me on my rights when dealing with their mandatory inspection process. I recommend her for her knowledge and skillset at solving problems and operating efficiently.

Westwood, California

Suzanne is a fantastic lawyer. She knows how to communicate in a persuasive way to accomplish objectives. She has been my counsel through multi million-dollar real estate deals and stressful personal disputes. She always knows the law and how to persuade others to comply when I need her. She is definitely a go-to lawyer when I have issues.

Dr. Andre Aboolian
Beverly Hills, California

As a top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, protecting my patients’ confidentiality under HIPAA laws is an important concern as providing first class medical treatments. Suzanne Natbony is a top Los Angeles healthcare lawyer and assisted with revising some contracts with me as the laws are constantly changing. She advised me on corporate issues as well, as I have multiple practice locations. The contracts that she assisted with were great and I appreciated her discounted rate for contract-review and the complimentary research she provided. I recommend you contact her for your healthcare regulatory and transactional needs.

Liz Castor

I can’t say enough about Suzanne Natbony’s competence, consideration, thoroughness, and professionalism. She was extremely flexible and responsive; she always took the time to ensure that I completely understood everything that was happening in my legal process. This is a quality that facilitates a client’s trust, and having the feeling that you are in good hands is a peerless sensation when it comes to the big wide world of legal jargon. Highly, highly recommend Suzanne for any legal needs.

Zach Urbina
Los Angeles, CA

Suzanne provided me with solid legal advice, referrals, and recommendations after we met this year. I had some very specific employment related questions and she provided contacts in both Los Angeles and NYC. Highest possible recommendation for her services.

Los Angeles, CA

I was very stressed as CEO of a business that I had built when the partners and investors were trying to push me out. They tried to lock me out of the office and were sending threatening text messages. Suzanne gave me much relief as they were trying to extort me and falsely accuse me of fraud. I would not have understood if Suzanne had not stepped out of her evening events on multiple occasions to either explain or help smooth over the situation. She was able to get one of the other partner’s terrible lawyers off the matter after figuratively ripping his separation agreement to shreds. We went back and forth with a new lawyer on a securities redemption and separation agreement, and then a consulting agreement to outline my work going forward. I appreciated the discounts that she provided to me and the dedication that she had to closing the deal during a short time frame and over the holidays. She worked hard to protect my interest in every way possible.

Hermosa Beach

I love Suzanne Natbony! She is very professional, resourceful and cares about her clients. I did some research before deciding to work with her and was very impressed that she is well-known and liked by my community. I really appreciate that she promptly returns calls and knows what she is talking about. Other lawyers that I have dealt with are hard to get in touch with. Having a responsive and knowledgeable attorney is very important to me. She helped with setting up corporations, corporate contracts, intellectual property and real estate matters.

RR Aesthetics

We hired Suzanne to help get a defamatory post removed from Yelp. Suzanne cautioned that Yelp was difficult, but she wrote correspondence to be more firm than what we had tried. She also reached out the defamatory poster and reasoned with her to remove the post. We were so happy that the person agreed to remove the post! Suzanne emailed a follow-up and then suggested a message for us to use on the Yelp platform, which finally accomplished the objective. We were preparing to escalate the situation to a firm cease and desist letter, but Suzanne was able to finally get the defamer to delete the post at the eleventh hour. Suzanne was professional and communicative during the whole process. We are so happy with Suzanne that we are going to use her when we redo our website as sh assists with website development contracts, website language, including HIPPA privacy terms and advise about labor and employment law issues. So great to have someone who is trustworthy on our team!

Los Angeles

Suzanne is the best legal advisor and detective! I suspected my boyfriend of cheating and contacted Suzanne about my rights to a multi-unit income property that we purchased together and other large purchases that we had made together. I also wanted to go on a social media posting spree to warn other girls about him being a liar and cheater. Suzanne persuaded me to hold off until she conducted an investigation. She was able to find properties owned by him, figure out “meta-data” which is document properties when he would lie about work documents, trace his emails to their location of where he sent them from (which was not the country that he told me he was visiting and we even got the hotel he sent it from!), gave me tips on how to hijack information on his phone (without invading his privacy or doing anything illegal) and figure out which flight he was on when he claimed he was coming back from a trip alone (which he wasn’t alone!). Suzanne was my guardian angel and came with me to the airport to catch him! I could not believe that she had figured out which flight, even though he had lied about what time he was landing because he had another girl with him!! It was so crazy, but Suzanne kept me calm and asked pointed questions without allowing him to manipulate the situation. I was able to settle my claims with him more favorably due to the investigative work that Suzanne had done! There’s therapy for the emotional (right side of the brain) and advice and coaching for the left-brain, and Suzanne walked me through the steps to handle the situation with composure. I can’t thank her enough!

Los Angeles

Suzanne helped me settle a business breach of contract case within 3 weeks by helping me bring counterclaims. She is also a founder of a legal website called LawTake, with a settlement agreement that we used, and it cost only $100. Then she revamped our business contracts to be more protective, so that I would have less likelihood of a lawsuit in the future.

California, Missouri and Florida

Suzanne is amazing. I was at a low point in my life and she helped me see the light. I needed help with several legal matters, including, in employment law, medical malpractice, criminal defense, and a consumer dispute. She referred me to some really great lawyers who all helped me assess my case and most didn’t charge me. Suzanne represented me specifically with helping me avoid business disputes and keep me from getting in trouble with possible defamation. I am really grateful!

Los Angeles

I reached out to Suzanne when I needed some contractual agreements drawn up as I was exiting a business partnership. I think with any separation, it gets stressful, especially dealing with the legalities of the split. I was beyond grateful to have Suzanne in my corner. I was definitely NOT knowledgeable about contracts, ‘legalese’, or the ‘norms’ of a business separation. Suzanne was able to explain things to me in a way I could understand, which made all the difference in my stress level. I had consulted a lawyer previous to her who didn’t seem to know how to handle the situation and wasn’t responsive and am thankful that Suzanne was able to help on short notice and very responsive. Her father is also a practicing lawyer and explained a few things to us about tax implications and loans, which assisted in a smoother transition.

Los Angeles

Suzanne provided invaluable guidance in navigating a mutual separation from my employer. While the project scope was limited to severance negotiation advice and contract review, Suzanne was always thorough, responsive and to-the-point with her feedback and recommendations. We were able to get a final contract fairly quickly and I was pleased with the result and her professionalism, expertise and unused-hours refund policy. I would recommend Suzanne to anyone looking for a seamless experience separating from their company.

Newport Beach, CA

How many lawyers write follow-ups after meeting you at a business event? How many of them really care about my case? I hired Suzanne to be my business attorney because she is clearly aligned with my values. I hire the person first, who is interested in getting to know me and my business, and values. She has a very cheerful and positive personality. Most importantly, Suzanne is a wonderful attorney who has helped my business with our contracts and advice on how to be successful in a legally compliant way. She has also helped with real estate issues, ways to collect unpaid invoices and how to avoid escalating disagreements. I watched a fantastic video that she created on whether someone should sue. She believes to use her knowledge in law to serve and protect the innocent. You can see she really cares about people’s well-beings and I am really happy I started to work with her.

Ruth Swissa
Agoura Hills and Beverly Hills

Suzanne was referred to us by a physician whom we work, who said Suzanne was very professional and did great work. She helped us resolve a dispute with a persuasive letter and it’s been several months, and we have not heard back, so we trust that the case is closed – thank you Suzanne! We appreciate the dedication that Suzanne has with helping us deal with the difficult stuff, leaving us to do what we do best – run our business! She also helped us completely revise all of our standard policies and contracts, which are now a big improvement. She pointed out some easy ways for us to work on parts ourselves, so we can save money on our legal bill. She clearly has expertise in healthcare law types of intake forms, including HIPPA compliance, informed consents and arbitration agreements. She also gave us some complimentary time to go over things when she visited us at our office, which we appreciated her going above and beyond, to fully understand our business. We are keeping her on retainer for future work and wholeheartedly recommend her.

Sabrina Cohan
Beverly Hills, CA

Suzanne is a very knowledgeable business lawyer and has a business of her own, so she can relate to business owners. If you want to know the difference between limited liability companies and corporations, and which is best, she is your girl. She is really well versed with all your corporate needs. I recommend her as a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney.

Los Angeles, CA

Of all the lawyers I contacted today, you’re the only one who didn’t just say “throw a cease & desist at them and see what happens”. You said you’ve had more success starting with a reasonable, calm conversation—this is a tact we’re much more interested in taking, one we haven’t heard anyone else advocate…. Talking to you was the only thing today that gave us hope.

* These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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