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Intellectual Property

We offer a free initial consultation of intellectual property matters, including a preliminary review of cease and desist letters, a preliminary review of websites, a preliminary review of infringement complaints, trademark portfolio development.  We have experience searching and clearing proposed new trademarks, service marks and domain names in the U.S. and abroad; reviewing proposed brands and advertising campaigns to protect against infringement or false advertising claims; negotiating trademark licenses and franchise agreements; and safeguarding trademark and other IP assets in mergers, acquisitions and due diligence projects.

Issues may include:

  • Copyright Representation

  • Copyright Clearance Searches and Opinions

  • Copyright Applications and Registrations

  • Copyright Infringement Opinions

  • Copyright Licensing, Negotiations and Review

  • Infringement Litigation referrals

  • Insurance Policy Review

  • Due Diligence

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Safe Harbor Representation

  • Software Piracy Litigation

  • Trademark Bullies/Bullying, Cybersquatters, Typosquatters and Patent Trolls

  • Trademark, Trade Dress, Unfair Competition, and False Advertising Disputes


We also co-counsel with patent lawyers to prosecute and litigate patent cases.  Indeed, the founder of the firm, Suzanne Natbony, is an inventor with patent-pending inventions in the online legal service and medical device industries.

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