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Frequently Asked Questions


What are some free resources to help me with my legal issues?


LawTake is the best legal resource on the web.

Suzanne Natbony is co-founder and CEO of the first online marketplace for lawyers to post videos, audio recordings and documents, for consumers to purchase to help consumers resolve their legal issue.  You can find free and premium legal information to help you resolve your legal issue today. Suzanne created a 30-minute long business formation video, which discusses which entity to form, where and other startup legal issues.  Suzanne also posted numerous free and low cost legal documents.


How do you decide what cases to take?

We focus on business legal work. As general counsel to many companies with whom we have longstanding, positive, professional relationships with, we selectively only take on appreciative clients, with whom we have connected with, and then we work hard to resolve any legal issues.  Relationships take precedence over transactions.  We generally offer our clients a complimentary in-person meeting once retained, to go over a legal document.


Do you take cases outside of California?

Yes. Although we practice primarily in California, we evaluate each case that is submitted to us no matter where it originates. We frequently work with co-counsel in other states. We encourage you to submit your matter for review regardless of where you live.  We have co-counseled and offered referrals to attorneys in states outside of California when clients have interstate matters, including, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, New York, Washington DC, Washington state, Ohio, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, Georgia and more. We have also made referrals to lawyers around the world, including, Canada, Australia, the UK and more.  Lastly, Ms. Natbony is a law Partner of Aliant, LLP, an International Law Firm, with locations and attorneys in Argentina, Brazil, Cypress, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Nigeria, China and Lebanon.


Do I have to pay to talk to one of your lawyers?

No. In nearly every case, an initial phone consultation with one of our attorneys is free.


What if I can’t afford to pay upfront to have an attorney represent me?

No problem. We often refer matters to lawyers who take cases on a contingency basis, meaning you owe attorneys’ fees only if the law firm is able to obtain money (via a settlement or a judgment at trial) on your behalf. These fees are typically calculated as a percentage of the money we recover for you.


Can I opt to keep my case confidential?

Yes. Many of our cases are handled discreetly and confidentially. Any decision to make the matter public is one that the client makes in consultation with our attorneys.


How is Solve & Win different?

We give our clients personalized and superior service. The attorney you hire, is the attorney who works with you to achieve your goals. We don’t outsource or shift to a subordinate.

We also care about your satisfaction. We will work with you to achieve your goals, to the very best of our ability. We bill in real time, which means that if you are billed for a 15-minute increment, we spent approximately that amount of time on your matter. We tend not to ding you for one text message like other law firms. Other law firms bill in 20-minute increments and will ding you 20 minutes for every 30 second text or 1 minute email. Rather, our bills might show several items in 15 minutes, all totaling approximately 15 minutes.


How can you help me?

Our attorneys are capable negotiators and advocates. We can resolve your case through phone calls, email, direct negotiations, mediation, or co-counsel with litigators if litigation ensues, through trial or appeal. No matter what path we take, our goal is to help you achieve your goals, whether that is through creating a mutually beneficial agreement that gets signed by another party or obtaining substantial compensation for the harm you and your business has suffered.


I have some business law questions. What is a good resource?

We suggest you watch the LawTake video on business formation.


I don’t live anywhere near your offices. Do I have to travel to your office?

No. We can handle your case without you needing to go out of your way to visit our office. We can tell you if you have a case right over the phone. We try to make the legal process as easy as possible for our clients by offering Skype sessions. We have clients around the globe.


How long have you been in business?

Our firm has the experience necessary to help you win your case. Ms. Natbony has been practicing law since 2009 and she is often supported by her “senior counsel,” her father, Michael Natbony, a member of the bar of New York, since 1968.


How many cases have you settled or won at trial?

Ms. Natbony has successfully concluded over 100s matters for her clients. Her track record speaks for itself.


How much money have you recovered or helped your clients’ save?

Ms. Natbony has recovered or saved her clients from having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Settlements have included:

  • Represented seller in the sale of a medical practice for $1.5 million

  • Represented seller of professional services in an asset sale for $750,000

  • Referral to Personal Injury Attorney who obtained over $500K for injured client

  • Obtained over $380,000 in a property dispute

  • Recovered over $100,000 to pay back a loan

  • Obtained almost $100,000 in unpaid service fees to a client

  • Obtaining over $50,000 from an insurance company, acting in bad faith

  • Recovered over $40,000 from a medical group employer for unpaid wages to a physician employee

  • Recovered almost $40,000 worth of marketing services as a credit for future services for client

  • Obtained over $30,000 from a breach of contract action involving the anti-heart balm statute

  • Obtained over $25,000 from insurance company for property damage

  • Recovered over $20,000 from a car dealership in a lemon law case

  • Helped client receive $14,000 in owed service fees for providing consulting services

  • Obtaining over $10,000 in a robocall telemarketing dispute, violating the consumer Protection Act

  • Obtained over $10,000 in complimentary advertising over a marketing dispute

  • Recovered $10,000 for client who hadn’t been paid by a vendor by sending several demand
    emails and calling vendor

  • $10,000 collection of debt that was unpaid by a vendor

  • Helped client obtain $10,000 from insurance company over property damage

  • Recovered $9,000 for client in a collections matter against a vendor for an unpaid invoice

  • Recovered $7,000 in unpaid medical directorship fees from medical spa

  • After a client’s dispute with a prior attorney, and the attorney refusing to issue a full refund,
    assisted client with recovering almost a full refund of an additional $6,000

  • Helped client triple her recovery (resulting in around ten thousand dollars) from a physician’s
    botched medical procedure, without having to file a lawsuit

  • Obtained a $5,000 refund for client after only one simple email

  • Obtained over $1,000 in a dispute with movers

  • Helped business client recover thousands of dollars in profits by holding contractors accountable for work agreements, resulting in company profits

  • Was able to enforce a client’s promised percentage interest in several companies over re-negotiating company agreements

  • Was able to recover a YouTube channel, which was worth tens of thousands of dollars

  • Aided client with a separation from a company, enabling him to double his profits

  • Compelled physician group to rightfully pay a management company thousands of dollars owed

  • Enforced client’s handshake deal in owning 50% of a property worth $1 million

  • Enforced client’s contract against partner and recovered thousands from a shared Patreon account

  • Enforced client’s contract against an independent contractor such that client could retain digital
    rights and thousands of dollars in shared funds earned after independent contractor’s breach

  • Assisted client with obtaining thousands of dollars in rightfully owed commissions

  • Obtained numerous severance benefits and compensation for a high-level executive exiting the company

  • Helped client get over a thousand dollars of equipment returned from previously terminated employee.

  • Assisted several clients with obtaining favorable loans and grants for thousands of dollars

  • Saved business clients thousands of dollars from assisting with Coronavirus-related legal issues, including negotiating leases and employee contracts

  • Helped clients obtain more ownership percentage and distributions based on equity in entities

  • Saved client from spending over a million dollars on a bad acquisition by pointing out red flags, leading to no one purchasing the same entity several months later after seeing several subsequent prospective buyers also walk from the deal

  • Counseled employee that a liquidated damages clause of $750 per day would very likely be invalid, so the employee should be able to terminate employment relationship 1.5 years prior to end of term, without being liable for over $300,000 in damages to employer

  • Saved financier client from paying an additional $300,000 for a production that was over budget by holding the production company to the PSA

  • Saved client from having to pay over $100,000 in a breach of contract by defending with a demand letter and her client paid nothing

  • Saved client from paying a demand of $100,000 by using aggressive medical malpractice defense strategies, causing the patient to miss the legal deadline to recover, and resulting in the patient forgoing the claim

  • Saved client from paying almost $100,000 in a lawsuit judgment that settled for less than $10,000

  • Saved client from having to pay back almost $100,000 in alleged erroneous overpayments by having to pay back zero

  • Saved client from an extortionate demand of $25,000 by a serial suer and mentally unstable
    patient, and client paid nothing

  • Saved client from having to pay over $20,000 by paying nothing

  • Saved client from demand for $26,000 by negotiating a partial refund of $13,000 to patient who complained that she was “botched.”

  • Saved client from having to pay possibly over $50,000 in legal and settlement fees by paying under $10,000

  • Saved client from having to pay possibly over $30,000 in settlement fees by paying nothing

  • Saved client from having to pay possibly over $25,000 in legal and settlement fees by paying under $10,000

  • Saved client from having to pay possibly over $50,000 in legal and settlement fees by paying under $10,000

  • Saved physician client from having to pay $40,000 in back-owed rent on a medical office sublease during the coronavirus pandemic to having to pay under $10,000

  • Saved clients thousands in litigation costs and exorbitant demands for alleged medical practice claims by paying only nuisance fees

  • Saved clients thousands of dollars in forcing the opposing party to honor contractual obligations without having my client having to pay additional money to obtain the services or product that they had already paid for

  • Saved business clients thousands and thousands of dollars annually in assisting with business expansion and redomestication

  • Saved several clients from having to pay exorbitant demands from website accessibility lawsuits by making the proper referrals to specialists and clients saved thousands in paying mere nuisance fee settlement amount

  • Saved numerous employers thousands of dollars by executing separation and release agreements with former employees, including disgruntled employees

  • Saved client from having to pay $80,000 over a loan being called by forcing capital corporation to amend the loan

  • Saved client from investing $160,000 in a bad deal by pointing out red flags

  • Saved client from investing $20,000 in a bad deal

  • Saved client from having to pay $10,000 in back-owed private school tuition for child during the coronavirus pandemic to having to pay no additional tuition

  • Saved client from paying almost $10,000 for alleged copyright infringement by aggressively advocating, and client ended up paying nothing to purported copyright holder, and only $2,500 in legal fees

  • Saved client over a thousand dollars in fees allegedly owed to landlord

  • Saved clients from having to pay increased insurance premiums by settling a dispute with just a refund to a patient or a nominal fee in stead of the thousands of dollars that patients sometimes demand

  • Saved client from potentially having to pay thousands in penalties by correcting a poorly drafted settlement agreement by another lawyer

  • Saved client from a demand to pay almost $10,000 by having to pay nothing

  • Saved client from having to pay $7500 in medical advisor appearance fees by having to pay nothing

  • Saved client from paying $3,000 after patient attempted to extort practice

  • Saved client from paying $1,000 in a dispute and having to pay nothing

  • Saved client from having to pay over $100,000 for a demand over design work, which she had to pay nothing

  • Enforced numerous license agreements by obtaining promised images and digital media for client’s marketing materials, social media and use

  • Saved several clients thousands of dollars in investing in a business that likely would not be a success, in which the client’s potential business partner would not contribute, simply by advising client to request the business partner to split the cost of legal

  • Saved clients thousands of dollars from negotiating a release with disgruntled patients

  • Saved clients thousands of dollars by assisting them with mitigating their damages (losses) from having to break leases and other commercial contracts due to the coronavirus and other issues

  • Saved client (a tenant) thousands of dollars through being to break a lease on a property and garner more than the initial offered security deposit amount from the landlord

  • Saved client from having to pay $30,000 as a bogus liability during the sale of a company

  • Saved client from having to pay over $30,000 in content creation and marketing fees through structuring deferred compensation documents

  • Saving numerous clients thousands of dollars in upfront fees for services that may never be realized or beneficial by advising them about deferred compensation and alternative payment schemes

  • Saved numerous clients thousands of dollars in legal fees and settlement payments (and headache) by persuading defamers to remove negative and defamatory online reviews


Why should I choose Solve and Win, PC?

“We solve problems and win cases.” Our testimonials speak for themselves. The message is clear – you will receive top quality, personalized and prompt representation, by the attorney you hire, not an associate, and fair and affordable billing.


What is the general turnaround/followup time for general email inquiries or voice messages?

We endeavor to respond to clients ASAP. We understand when our clients have a pressing legal issue.  Indeed, Ms. Natbony received the following testimonials regarding turnaround time: “She responds to emails within minutes – sometimes seconds – and often turns assignments around within 24 hours.” and “she even works while on vacation, on weekends and outside of normal business hours.”


If I pay a retainer, does the time or payment expire?

In essence, your retainer does not expire and is refundable if not exhausted. Our legal services agreement with you will discuss all the terms regarding the retainer.


Is there anything that you do not do?

As general counsel to many clients, we pride ourselves in solving problems for our clients, whether they have a business or personal legal issue. However, we are not securities lawyers, tax attorneys, criminal defense lawyers, family lawyers, immigration lawyers, licensing lawyers or bankruptcy lawyers. That being said, we will endeavor to refer you to those lawyers, so that you are in good hands. Also, if we are not already your general counsel and you have a litigation matter, we generally refer to the litigation firm that we are Of Counsel to, Merino Yebri LLP.


I have another question that hasn’t been answered.

Feel free to contact us HERE with any questions. We are usually available 7 days a week.

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If you have additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment with Solve & Win to discuss your legal question, please fill out the form below and click “Submit Message.”

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