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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution refers to resolving disputes between people or businesses. It generally involves, first, a factual investigation of the chronology of events or circumstances, second, a legal analysis and legal research to determine claims of each of the parties, and third, communicating between parties to attempt to resolve the dispute. Dispute resolution may involve a mediation or arbitration. A mediator does not make a decision for the parties but attempts to negotiate and advise each party regarding their legal rights. If the parties are able to make an agreement, the mediator then works to get the agreement approved by a judge in court, and is considered a binding order. Arbitration and mediation law is the branch of law dealing with the alternative approach to trial when determining a case or issue. An arbitrator is a third party individual that both parties select to decide their case. Arbitration can be considered binding or not binding; if the arbitration is not binding and the parties involved disagree with the decision, they may then take the case to court to be reviewed or changed.

Representative Matters

  • Resolved multi-million-dollar personal dispute that involved negligence, concealment/ misrepresentation, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and domestic violence.

  • Settled case for a healthcare client who was sued by one of the nation’s largest retailers involving breach of contract and insurance claims, for only a fraction of the amount of the claim, including legal costs.

  • Obtained a settlement on behalf of a physician inventor- investor in a million-dollar contract for a technology business, without having to file a complaint or submit to ADR.

  • Resolved various employment and partnership disputes on both sides of the table, through representing business owners/employers, employees and independent contractors.

  • Assisted numerous clients with the expedited collection of unpaid invoices and fees, through demand letters and legal correspondence.

  • Counseled clients on defamation, slander, libel, trade libel, business/commercial disparagement, false light, and invasion of privacy vs. free speech rights, and Anti-SLAPP motions.

  • Championed the removal of numerous defamatory Yelp reviews and other negative online reviews and libelous reports off of various review websites and news resources.

  • Resolved personal dispute involving ex-fiancés, along with helping them unwind their joint ventures and assist client with separation from business involvement.

  • Hired by various clients to deal with negative reviews on websites, such as Yelp, Healthgrades, Google, and RealSelf, by various vengeful patients, most of which were immediately removed after one call or email to  the patient.

  • Took a separation and release and turned it into a simple letter and email confirmation, while advising clients of risks of not utilizing a longer agreement.

  • Assisted with breach of contract matter that enabled client to enforce the terms and recover several months of revenue generated from a Patreon account.

  • Mediated issues between business partners to facilitate professional relations and enforce fiduciary duties.

  • Assisted with the separation of business partners (AKA business divorce), when the company had no buy-sell clause and facilitated the transfer of equity back to the company and memorialized the business deal.

  • Reviewed litigation matters with clients when clients’ businesses were sued by conducting legal research on the matter, entities, and individuals, and also advised clients about risks, options, and avoiding additional issues.

  • Represented a business partner in business litigation case by preventing further disputes with business partners.

  • Represented talent agency in disputes with numerous models over compensation, intellectual property, performance issues, breach of contract, and other legal and business issues, including personality conflicts.

  • Sending numerous cease and desist letters over copyright and trademark infringement, and other intellectual property infringement issues, which resulted in gaining removal of the infringed materials.

  • Drafting and negotiated several signed tolling agreements to obtain more time to work out negotiations during various conflicts for clients.

  • Assisted business clients’ with personal disputes with moving companies, storage facilities and utility issues.

  • Advised client about legal issues with opposing counsel and conflict of interest issues.

  • Worked to smooth out tensions between a business’ founder and a disgruntled investor.

  • Resolved dispute between founders of a cannabis company over whether CEO was exercising best business judgment or breaching fiduciary duties.

  • Represented physicians and other practitioners, and medical spas, in patient disputes, when patients defame physicians online (or threaten), through either working with the patient to remove the defamation or smoothing relations to prevent defamatory and negative reviews.

  • Represented numerous practitioners in patient disputes when patients demand refunds or allege damages (“botched” procedures) by settling matters with settlement and release agreements and refund and release agreements.

  • Defended clients when patients attempt to substantiate damages from an alleged complication with invalid claims, receipts, therapy and medical care invoices, and more.

  • Represented a physician when the patient secretly recorded the consult without consent and convinced patient to agree to delete any recordings and prevent any defamatory online reviews.

  • Represented clients dealing with Reddit and OnlyFans infringement issues.

  • Drafted and served Notice of Breaches in contract disputes to facilitate other party in curing ay breaches, perform and meet contractual obligations.

  • Assisted client with receiving proper distribution from LLC by crafting persuasive demand letter to the LLC’s CEO.

  • Assisted clients with obtaining insurance settlement for water damage caused by neighbor from both neighbors and insurance companies

  • Assisted client with obtaining insurance settlement for property damage from vehicle.

  • Assisted drug rehab consultant with getting paid for services rendered in negotiating contract and resolving dispute.

  • Advised clients about risks with breaking commercial leases, including assisting with mitigating damages by drafting permitted use agreement and working with the landlord to meet clients’ needs.

  • Assisted client with resolving a realtor dispute by settling matter and getting client out of an exclusive listing agreement.

  • Assisted marketing company with resolving several disputes with affiliates involving payment schemes tied to affiliate marketing campaigns.

  • Resolved dispute with a medical advisor to a startup medical device company by explaining the deferred compensation aspect and going over the legal documents, saving the startup from having to pay $7500 to the physician to shoot a crowdfunding video.

  • Represented exiting physician from a hospital group, contracted as both an employee and independent contractor, both of which included payment/wage theft disputes, accounting errors and potential PAGA claims, while smoothing out relations and facilitating a replacement affiliate relationship.

  • Referral to litigation defense counsel, and managing outside litigation counsel on discrimination and website accessibility claims.

  • Counseling client about property management company dispute and how to resolve.

  • Advised client about options when dealing with fraudulent company purchases.

  • Represented physician in dispute with a patient, where the patient sexually harassed my client, the physician.

  • Represented sports marketing and sponsorship consultant client on multimillion dollar breach of contract issue, including negotiating new terms of a replacement contract and ensuring client was paid appropriately the almost-six figures that were owed.

  • Responding to and serving Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Take-Down requests and complaints.

  • Assisted business clients with resolving personal relationship disputes involving exes, friends, lovers, and family members.

  • Advised clients about restraining orders for disputes with customers, neighbors, former business partners and personal relationships.

  • Represented client against a cyberstalker to assist with regaining social media pages back.

  • Drafted many Notice of Breaches, Notice of Terminations, Notice of Rescissions, and cancellation and rejection of contracts, contract terms and other legal documents on behalf of clients.

  • Secured expert witness and drafted expert witness’ services agreement.

  • Advocated for client who was subject to unfair business practices over improper discounts to competitors for tools and products.

  • Represented minority shareholder to gain proper access to rightfully inspect financial books and records of business entities per Delaware and California corporations codes.

  • Assisted clients and retained litigation attorneys with reviewing and revising
    complaints/answers/cross-complaints, discovery, motions, and other court documents.

  • Attended hearings, depositions, mediations, and other court proceedings on behalf of clients.

  • Investigated medical device malfunction for physician client through interviewing staff,
    reviewing manuals, and advising client on recommended course of action.

  • Represented nurse in separation from medical director, while forming new medical practice with a new medical director.

  • Assisted several clients with terminating an agreement without a termination clause, well
    before the end of the term.

  • Represented talent agency in dispute with model, and enforced terms of contract, such that client retained ownership, digital publicity rights and funds generated.

  • Advised client about factoring agreement and challenge in getting out of these types of loan agreements.

  • Successfully enforced client’s intellectual property rights (right to name and likeness) in forcing a competitor to cease and desist using client’s name in key words searches (false advertising), which had resulted in confusion and lost profits.

  • Represented a physician in a vendor dispute with one of the largest healthcare marketplaces by getting the amount disputed in credits for future marketing services.

  • Settled a vendor collections dispute by enforcing the terms of the agreement with client and vendor and getting payment for client within 2 weeks of initial outreach.

  • Successfully defended physician in a purported laser burn medical malpractice dispute, in which the patient failed to file a claim prior to the legal deadline, as a result of an aggressive defense strategy.

  • Represented client in responding to third-party subpoena for patient medical information.

  • Represented the financier and settled matters in several production disputes in which the producer/production company mismanaged the production, breached the production services agreement, and funds were misappropriated.

  • Represented physician in the enforcement of a release after patient attempted to extort practice and demand more money.

  • Represented a party who discharged and terminated representation with a contingency fee lawyer, and was able to convince the litigator to agree to forgo his contingency fee after 9 months of representation (maintaining a flat fee instead), so the client could retain new counsel and not pay a contingency fee.

  • Represented a California business client who received a cease-and-desist letter for alleged copyright infringement from German lawyer, Marcin Zieliński, representing an Italian photographer.

  • Represented clients in arbitrations as parties and obtained settlements prior to arbitration award, and also represented witnesses in arbitrations to protect their interests.

  • Counseled client about responding to a slip-and-fall injury incident in the workplace.

  • Assisted client with responding to a “Notice of FDA Action” letter concerning pharmaceuticals that were detained.

  • Advised physician client on how to handle healthcare insurance fraud on the part of a patient who changed information on superbills and then submitted to an insurance carrier.

  • Represented a medical spa against a patient who wrote a defamatory Yelp review, to which we sent a cease and desist. But she revised her review, so we then drafted a public response on behalf of client, and she deleted her review.

  • Represented medical practice in arbitration with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) with Independent Physician Association (“IPA”) over capitation billing and payment issues.

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