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Solve & Win is a solutions-oriented law firm comprised of practical, business-minded corporate lawyers, who are effective at closing deals, and creatively overcome legal obstacles through resolving disputes. We have received the trifecta of awards in the legal industry:

1) The Avvo® Client’s Choice Award for excellent and quality service to our clients,
2) The AV® Preeminent Rating by Martindale Hubbell®, which is the highest award for ethical standards and legal ability, and
3) The Southern California Rising Stars Super Lawyer, by Super Lawyers® Magazine, an honor limited to only 2.5% of attorneys.

We selectively only take on positive, appreciative clients with whom we have connected with, and then we work hard to resolve any legal issues.  Relationships take precedence over transactions.  Most of our clients have successful businesses or work in entertainment, health care, real estate, technology, fitness, cosmetics, food & beverage, nonprofit, medical device, hospitality or consulting.  Our focus is on business matters, across an array of industries. However, we endeavor to assist you with your issue by offering a referral, if the matter is outside of our practice area.  Whether you want a seasoned lawyer within a niche area, who has exceptional expertise on your matter or a tough “pit bull” lawyer to go the extra mile to fight for your rights, we are connected with lawyers across an array of practice areas, such as trial attorneys, litigators, immigration lawyers, family lawyers, criminal defense lawyers, workers comp attorneys, class action lawyers, estate planners and tax attorneys.


We have been featured in ZeitBlatt News, The American Society of Healthcare Risk Management, Attorney-at-Law Magazine, The Daily Journal, California Lawyer, Child Adolescent Psychiatry Clinics of North America, Law Practice Today and on Om Times Radio.

Ms. Natbony is also cofounder of LawTake, the best resource for legal information on the web.


Rose Pugliese
Miami, FL and Santa Monica, CA

Suzanne is the best startup and the best business lawyer in Los Angeles! When I was looking for a California small business attorney, I had already spoken to Suzanne as she is a good friend of mine, but I decided to also do a Google search to check on her reviews and see if anyone else might be a good fit since it can be risky to work with your friends. Of course, Suzanne’s law firm website was very impressive and so were her LinkedIn reviews. She also had great reviews on other online lawyer review websites, such as LawTake, which she cofounded, and Avvo. I then reached out to some mutual friends, who were also clients of hers, for a reference and everyone agreed that she is a top lawyer on the Westside for business law. I am very pleased with her representation. She has reviewed and helped me negotiate contracts, advocated on my behalf, advised me about policies and regulations, helped me avoid disputes regarding leases and other contracts and informed me of the legal process. Suzanne is a force to be reckoned with when she has represented me on every legal issue. Further, when she handles disputes, she handles it in the most professional, most amiable way possible to get the best outcome possible for me. She has also referred me to other fantastic attorneys who have obtained satisfactory results when I’ve had legal issues outside of her area of expertise. I know I can count on Suzanne for the best healthcare law advice, the best business advice, the best lease advice, the best contract advice, the best dispute avoidance advice and she is the best legal researcher. Suzanne is also extremely resourceful for counsel about personal issues that could erupt into legal disputes. I am very lucky to have Suzanne because she is a good listener and pleasant to work with, on the one hand, but a tough and zealous advocate on the other.”

Aaron Tabor, MD
President at Gene Facelift LLC
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I hired Suzanne to draft a contract. She swiftly completed it and incorporated all of my requests, but also advised me when certain clauses might become an issue, so I decided to use her suggested clauses instead. Initially the other party refused to communicate about the contract until I got Suzanne involved to negotiate it. She successfully got the contract signed after working with the other party’s lawyer for about a month to get me the best possible outcome. Suzanne’s “preventive legal” method, similar to my preventive medicine approach to avoid the exacerbation of health problems, helped me to avoid having to deal with costly and time consuming litigation. She was firm with the other party regarding their delays, while also knowing when to involve me to help facilitate an agreement. I highly recommend her since this is the second time that she has helped me with a contract negotiation and I have been impressed with the results.”

Alexis Hay
PRODUCER at Telescope
Santa Monica, CA

Suzanne is one of the best lawyers around. I met Suzanne while attending USC. She has been one of the best contacts to me over the past few years for business legal advice and correspondence. She is extremely articulate, easy to talk to and very efficient. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else because of the relationship I have with Suzanne, she is always available, will always return my calls, texts emails in a timely manner. Suzanne was incredibly instrumental the past year for me in work, closing out a large severance contract, suzanne saved me not just on a few smaller items, but everything down to where I would have been picking up thousands in taxes for all severances. She also gave me a reduced hourly rate and reduced retainer. I just could never express how much her time was worth in the end. Whether your case is her specialty or not, Suzanne is extremely bright and will work hard for you. Whatever your case, it likely will cost you more in the end than upfront if you use a resource like Suzanne.

The next time that I am in a bind, before I sign, I will call Suzanne!”

* These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.
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